Girl Scouts of Colorado Case Study

Why Girl Scouts of Colorado Called Us

Girls Scouts of Colorado needed more than a fresh look online: they needed a way to easily update their own content and features that would help them drive more engagement with all of their critical audiences: Scouts, parents, donors, alumni and volunteers.

We used custom research to design a feature-rich, yet easy-to-use site that would help them showcase programs, connect emotionally with video and photos, manage events, and even their own online store for product sales and event registration.

Custom Content Management System Custom Content Management System

Girl Scouts of Colorado

The Girl Scouts of Colorado’s website needed a fresh look and feel as well as updated content, features and functionality. The GSCO desired to have a professional web design, development and programming firm create a new and enhanced web presence for the current website that would reflect the values of the organization—as well as professionally display and showcase their programs.


The Girl Scouts of Colorado had a website usability study conducted to investigate different user preferences and unmet needs of This study would inform website redesign and functionality with the ultimate goal of providing platform(s) to “...make Girl Scouting easy, meaningful and fun for girls and adult volunteers.”

While the site worked fairly well, several issues had been identified, both by Planet Media and the GSCO staff:

  • Navigation was difficult to understand
  • The information architecture was confusing and made information hard to find
  • Functionality was limited
  • Content was not easily accessible
  • Key modules were not up to par with current best practices
  • GSCO personnel had a hard time organizing the ever-increasing site content

GSCO was interested in the following high‐level goals (in order of priority) for the redesign of the website, targeting public users and admin staff users:

  • Goal 1: Attract new volunteers and new members
  • Goal 2: Present the new offer to volunteers and members
  • Goal 3: Improve online systems (registration, donations, events/activities finder, shop)
  • Goal 4: Better communicate resources to existing audiences
  • Goal 5: Entice and engage donors and community


Our first step was to perform a content audit of the current site and categorize all of the current information into logical groups. The new site architecture became the foundation of our web design efforts. As usual, we started the design process with a series of wireframes, followed by a homepage design. The new design established a visual hierarchy, literally guiding the viewer’s eyes down the page. The visual hierarchy also enabled us to highlight key pieces of information, prompting users to interact with the site and make their way to interior pages of the site. Additionally, the new site includes an interactive social media widget, video player interface and highly robust activity finder tool. Ecommerce was also built into the site to enable users to make donations and pay for camp registrations.


”Faced with the monumental task of building an entirely new website to serve our 30,000 girls and 9,000 adult volunteers; recruit new volunteers and girls; and engage the community to increase public support, we needed a web development firm with tremendous expertise, creativity and flexibility to make it all come together. The team at Planet Media provided us with all of that and more. Their responsiveness and resourcefulness to find solutions that work for our team and our customers have made the Girl Scouts of Colorado's website launch a success, and we're well on our way to achieving our organizational goals.”

Rachelle Trujillo - Vice President of Communications
Girl Scouts of Colorado - Denver, CO

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